WordPress.com vs wordpress.org .Best platform for blogging


WordPress.com vs wordpress.org .Best platform for blogging.When you thinking start to a blog lots of question arise in mind, Right? Because I had too.Where to start? Which platform would be best to start a blog .because I heard some name for blogging platform such as blogger.com, WordPress and much more but top one these two.
In the question of which platform would be best, then I would say depend on you like if you just want to write a blog or personal journal and in future no planning to expand your blog as commercially then I recommended go for blogger.com or wordpress.com.
Or in future, if you want to blog for business or want to make money from the blog then best go for a self-hosted platform which is more professionally.
In this post, I will try to make you understand simply the difference between a free blogging platform and self-hosted.
As I earlier mentioned that due to available software on the market it is quite easy to make a website by self without knowing much coding and designing. This is possible due to CMS (content management system) software.

content management system

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It is typically used to support multiple users working in a collaborative environment. There are many CMS platform is available on the open market.below I am sharing a diagram to show you most known CMS platform market share on the web.
Wordpress.com vs wordpress.org



So as you see above diagram that word press is a most except able platform and liked by most of the blogger.WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. Word Press used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017.WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management of blogging system in use on the web.

WordPress.com or blogger free blogging platform

So moving ahead now let’s talk about free blogging platform word press and blogger.com, why we are only talking about only for this two platform here because these are the two top most free platform for blogging. so the question arises here when they are providing free platform then why always recommends for self-hosted? The reason behind in this is on free blogging platform you can create your blog on wordpres.com or blogger.com But you have to bear the limitations .you can’t have your domain name as you want. The example I want to start a blog on the name of pluspointdot but when I will make a blog on wordpress.com. The domain name will be pluspointblog.wordpress.com. so, at last, it would be wordpress.com.
Here is the screenshot of the example:

Wordpress.com vs wordpress.org .the best platform?
WordPress.com vs wordpress.org .the best platform?

Now you can see that URL is looking like pluspointdotblog.wordpress.com.

second, you can`t modify theme which helps to give a professional look to website .you can`t add plugins which help to improve your and reader experience on your blog .see the image below that I want to add Yoest plugins but it is asking for upgrade the plan.

Wordpress.com vs wordpress.org .the best platform?
WordPress.com vs wordpress.org .the best platform?yoasst

Yeah right!
Word press also have some upgrade plan .By upgrading you need to spend some money and word press provide you with all facilities like a professional platform.
Here below some upgrade plan for your ready references. You can have  a look.

Wordpress.com vs wordpress.org .the best platform?yoast plugins plan
WordPress.com vs wordpress.org .the best platform? yoast plugins plan.

But still I will say if you have not plan to expand then these two is the pretty good to start a blog or if you are ready to spend some money then again I will recommend going with self-hosting rather than this wordpress up -gradation plan.top of that free blogs are not looking professionals and mostly there is no technical support because millions of people making free blogs on free platform . Some of the cases there is a chance that one day your blog got removed without any prior notice and your all effort will get waste. Although Word Press provides some plan to upgrade it I never used it because it’s always preferred to be self-domain and hosting .below is the plans of wordpress.com

One TIP if you are not used to for writing and only just thinking about that .then at least two months try it
On these free platform to make you sure that you can go further or not.

Self-hosting word press:

By going further now we talk about word press self-hosted platform. If you have to make a mind of doing it professional way ,than you can go for self-hosting.

Because by this you can work without limitations. but here you have to spend some money.
Some of the key point of self-hosting:
• You will have a name which you want to have for your website which calls domain name (depends on the availability ) .

As I have my name www.softonsite.com .there is no any other subname is along with my URL like wordpress.com.or blogespot.com.
• You will have a good reach to your hosting provider if you need any technical support.
• You can choose layout, theme as you want as much as you want.
• You can add plugins to your website to make it more professionally. it will help to grow to your website also.
• Further, you can use your blog for earning.
• And all of that it gives your website a professional look either. its is with name or layout of your website.

So friends make your mind which is the best platform for you to start.

it was a little thing I try to explain that how nowadays it is possible to make website .

what is the free platform and their drawbacks .

so in next I will tell you about that what you require for a self-hosted website.
Keep reading and writing!

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