The First step in writing! start writing with BLOGGING!

The First step in writing! start writing with BLOGGING!

So many times we heard this word called blogging. I think most of the know what is blogging. I must have confidence that most of the person in this world having their one special area of interest .let’s say some having interest in bike, car, gym or technologies, cooking, beauty specialist and many others niche. They very much keen to know about that which new bike or car coming in the market or which technologies are now a day’s coming in the market. For that, they search the internet and finding some blogs where they find updated information about their niche.

I am sure some of you might have also wanted to create your own blog or website but thought to have not much coding and designing knowledge & step back.
Don`t step back!
It’s quite possible these days.

The First step in writing!BLOGGING! Blog concept with technology icons design, vector illustration 10 eps graphic.

Starting a blog and website now a day’s much easier than earlier. Even it’s now fast and cheaper than earlier. This is due to the availability of free software solution which allows creating a website and going live even without knowing coding and any programming or designing. You just need to know how to type and send a mail and some passion for writing. It is more than enough to start a personal blog.
However, before going live you need to know some basics which make you understand how it is possible without and much more technical knowledge.
The first thing I want to ask have you heard the name of or word
Both are the blogging platform where you can create your own blog or you can write a personal diary if don`t want to share it in public .it is totally free. You just need to sign up like on other websites you do .where you can start instant writing instantly and hassle-free.
And another platform is this is similar to
The difference Is only both are a separate platform is powered by Google and lots of people in this world also having their content on .so if you are just starting stage and only just want to write it for yourself and don`t want to expand in future in-terms of commercializing then these two platforms are best but you have to bear some limitations here.
Another you can go for self-hosted websites but you have to spend some amount for that where you will have your own domain name and hosting space .if you are not familiarized with this domain and hosting word don`t worry in future posts I am going to cover it all.
Self-hosted give you lots of facilities where you can modify your website at your own .you can add some extra facilities by adding plugins which give a professional look to your blog or website.
It is a simple basic to understand available writing platform for blogs in market .we will go further step by step
This was only the basic and make you understand and motivate to start a blog .so let’s start blogging .find your interest in the area and start writing.
Happy blogging!

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